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Valued KNG brands throughout the digital media-sphere.


Monetizing the future.

Merzigo uses technology, research and insight to keep on top of the latest trends, conversations and theories around your content and other content like it. They then marry your content with their interests – providing real engagement whilst driving significant on-going revenue from your content catalogues.


Discovering Potential

With a primary focus on startups that develop video technology-driven software, PowerHouse provides investment opportunities for startups with promising potential.


World of entertainment comes knocking

Başlat, new video network that allows you to watch your favorite shows from all around the world through browser or an app for free. The app will be available for public in November 2023.


Video Content Factory

Voxl is a live studio that creates content for 24/7. From celebrity TikTok challanges to the most listened podcast, everything and anything is possible behind Voxl doors.


Global Content Management

With advanced Ai technologies enabling automation in video content generation, Keyvod localized global content like no other. With advanced tool they translate and adopt in more than 80 languages.


Making tunes famous

Key Records is a recording and promoting agent, where artists can record and earn from video placements. Local and international celebrities work with Key Records to maximize their digital potential.


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